Friday, August 22, 2014

The Legend Of Legion

But first, a visit from the postman!

 photo ler1_zps21e6b592.png

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Today's entry is brought to you by the good people at Monoprice, who sent me equipment that actually works! Okay, so I bought it from them, but whatever.

... I use a tablet to draw MSPixel.

No really.

Stop crying.

Anyway, the crack MSPixel IT Team began getting everything set up for me.

 photo DA49DEEC-7158-4F7C-85C6-30EB327BE52F_zpsg99dfrfz.jpg

 photo 6FE459C3-C0D7-4011-88B5-4E2DA1B02DF1_zpst0ze49ra.jpg

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Point being, no more excuses, we should probably do some actual Mass Effect.

Legion has found a server of heretic geth. He's pretty sure that if we fly to Rannoch, we can disconnect the heretics from the server and ... I don't know, kill them or some shit.

We can take any squadmate we want on this mission, and it literally doesn't matter who we take. I mean, I guess we can use Tali, since we're going to Rannoch and all.

 photo ler6_zps9d56d781.png

I guess we could take someone who might have interesting dialog?

 photo ler7_zps6befac22.png

Except the third squadmate has no lines. None. So we could take anyone.

 photo ler8_zpsd5031496.png


 photo ler9_zps06237b2e.png

But you'll be hungry later! #campcrono

 photo ler10_zpscf799602.png

Aww, come on, Tali, she's a scifi hero, she'll be okay. Potentially.

Legion uses the enertron to upload Shepard to something that looks strangely like a video game.

 photo ler11_zps62ddc506.png

Let's talk about how this level works. As you walk around, Legion will make a path for you.

 photo ler12_zps3f9e9c32.png

As you go around, you'll find giant orange glowing blobbity things.

 photo ler13_zps44850420.png

 photo ler14_zpsa12e4e22.png

Shooting away the orange junk lets you walk forward.

By the way, you do all this with no squadmates, but it doesn't really matter because there's no enemies.

 photo ler15_zps77936b4a.png

Sometimes, you'll come across spheres to shoot down.

 photo ler14_zpsa12e4e22.png

 photo ler16_zpsd99d78e0.png

Then this'll happen. Legion wants to show you geth history, so we've got to sit through little holograms.

 photo ler17_zpsa10e8778.png

 photo ler18_zpse4d18222.png

There's a fun easter egg here if you play as broshep.

 photo ler19_zps7f2c555e.png


 photo ler20_zpsacc93fbe.png

Let's keep going through nodes.

 photo ler14_zpsa12e4e22.png

 photo ler21_zpsacef4eff.png

 photo ler22_zps198ac5db.png

Really, Legion, if you're trying to gather sympathy, you're showing holograms to the wrong asshole.

 photo ler14_zpsa12e4e22.png

 photo ler23_zpsd3ee1905.png

 photo ler24_zpsb21e6565.png

 photo ler25_zpsedcc4337.png

 photo ler26_zpscdb8065b.png

... I do like it when Legion gets salty.

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  1. Damn, I think that's a rabbit. Hey guys, I think she has a rabbit.

    Ain't no way of ever seeing a rabbit in the middle of New York, man.