Friday, August 8, 2014

On The Good Ship Sex Boat

First off, kids, breaking news, WHAT THE HELL? Our dearest Casey Hudson has left Bioware!

I give him loads of shit, but at the end of the day, I couldn't do the do that I do without him, so Godspeed, Casey, and good luck on your next endeavor. Or Ser Casey if you prefer.

I've been trying to book on the plot on Mass Effect 3, because holy shit there is a lot of it, but that means that I've neglected a bunch of squadmate conversations that happen on the Normandy. (My understanding is that this was a Dragon Age feature that was imported into Mass Effect 3. Well, hell, Dragon Age 2 stole the conversation wheel, so fair's fair.)

We're going to visit with some squad mates today, starting with everyone's favorite truth dropper:

 photo squ58_zps77b08000.png


 photo squ59_zpseed5d7be.png

 photo squ60_zps0e44b7a6.png

 photo squ61_zpsbc236781.png

I'm not totally sure why Javik's stories don't get more attention, he pretty much flat out tells you the reaper's final solution.

 photo squ62_zpse7a941f2.png

Also there's that.

 photo squ63_zpse6f2db29.png

I'm kind of obsessed with the tiny little Normandy kitchen. By the way, I highly reccomend having a hispanic man around to cook you stuff.

 photo squ64_zps2da9c772.png

 photo squ65_zpsa174860a.png

 photo squ66_zps76490561.png

Shepard discovers this hot mess when she goes to the cargo bay:

 photo squ67_zps47a1b8f3.png

 photo squ68_zps436bb09a.png

 photo squ69_zpsf7c24c42.png

He can say it all right and shit too, like Tee-hua-na.

 photo squ70_zpsa7bab439.png

That's happening, ps, if you weren't aware.

 photo squ71_zps2e487db0.png

 photo squ72_zps3f315f2c.png

MSPIXEL CHILDREN'S ACTIVITY CENTER: If you follow me on Twitter (you should, by the way, @MSPixel), you know that my tablet pen is dying. Go through those last few images and see if you can spot where my tablet pen gave up the ghost!

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