Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CAMP CHRONO: And Other Freaky Coinkidinks

This weirded me out when I found it. Enjoy this screenshot, I don't think y'all would believe me if I MSPainted it.

 photo cct47_zpsb3c46fec.png

Hey, kids, when was Mass Effect 3 released? March 6th, 1380 years later. What.

"Bean, why do you keep comparing Chrono Trigger to Mass Effect?" Because I will compare Chrono Trigger to literally any video game, that's why.

Point being, keep working on Gaspar's list, and I'll see you tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Comparing games to Chrono Trigger isn't really fair. It's like comparing regular food to chocolate. Most of it doesn't have a prayer and even the good stuff barely has a chance. Only thing I know of that can take chocolate on it's own terms is chocolate's own distant cousin, fudge. (In this admittedly awkward analogy, the distant cousin would be the Final Fantasy of your choice. I prefer 4, 6, and 9.)