Friday, January 9, 2015

Thessia: We Got Our Cereal Ate

Last time, we found ourselves a droid that explained the ending of Mass Effect 3 to us.

 photo the61_zps09776ad4.png

 photo the62_zpsc6892a7a.png

 photo the63_zpsda2e48f8.png

Wait, Kai Leng is indoctrinated?

 photo the64_zps41c38e3d.png

 photo the65_zpsb3602d52.png

 photo the66_zps39dc978e.png

 photo the67_zps5b0c7bdd.png

 photo the68_zps9be0a65d.png

 photo the69_zpsd1d76732.png

... but Shepard doesn't really have any data. Vendetta never told us what the catalyst was.

Either way, we gotta fight about it.

 photo the70_zps87a67982.png

We would take care of this in the usual way --

 photo the71_zps50405ae3.png

-- except Kai Leng has this gunship?

 photo the72_zps83f7bb1c.png

And it'll wreck your shit in a hurry. That fucker was shooting me from behind cover, it's nasty.

Either way, Kai Leng will wuss out before the fight stops.

 photo the73_zpsef2a366c.png

 photo the74_zps613eef91.png

I'm not fucking kidding either, Kai Leng just chucks Liara at Javik.

Shepard takes a billion pot shots and hits nothing, as she is wont to do.

Kai Leng rolls up to the beacon, shooting a column on his way for good measure to make sure the entire temple explodes.

 photo the75_zps32565fb7.png

Hard hitting science fiction.

 photo the76_zpsbf29963f.png

Of course, this very nearly lands on our hero.

 photo the77_zpsfbf0a936.png

 photo the78_zps9a3680fa.png

Shepard's so fucking fat that she cracks the floor and goes right on through to her untimely demise.

Not that death has ever really stopped her, but you know.

 photo the79_zps573cede9.png

 photo the80_zps635e2aa4.png

 photo the81_zps3bf41779.png

 photo the82_zpsb6d472a5.png

I think someone's still bitter over Brother Tim judging our ability to broke shadows!

Shepard runs after Kai Leng, taking pot shots at the gunship, but I think we all know how well pot shots work out for her.

 photo the83_zps4322a12d.png

Those are reapers moving in on the horizon, there, children. Thessia's fallen.

"Okay, Bean, but what if we took the renegade path?" There's no renegade path.

"But what if you complete the level under a certain time?" That doesn't do it either.

"What if we didn't have Jav -- " Yo, I'm not kidding, we just lost a whole planet. This is an inescapable plot point, Kai Leng rolls in, steals our Lucky Charms important catalyst data, and rolls out while Shepard is powerless.

... sorry.

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