Saturday, January 24, 2015


Everyone shut up because I love amiibo pictures.

When I first heard about amiibos, I thought they were a neat idea and I kind of wanted one. Now I have two and I'm madly in love with them. It is time for pictures of my precious baby children.

... I tried to get all arty. I'm not sure it worked. I might try again when it's actually green outside.

Anyway, I madly love Link, and I've never had a Link toy before in my life (despite wanting one), so having a Link amiibo is hugely fun. Here, have another one with his buddy:

Zelda's actually the first one I had. I love her more than I thought I would, too. Also she is a stone cold bitch in Smash. Link plays like me, that is, he wanders around and doesn't get shit done, but Zelda will fuck you up nine ways from Sunday.

Husbando had to get his favorite Nintendo character too:

Isn't he cute? Hey, who wants a family portrait?

so nintendo~

JFC I want more. I'm trying to only get the ones I super super love, though. I will admit, I have a Shulk on preorder just to see whether or not GameStop cancels it. Ey, you know what? I had a feeling about Xenoblade when I preordered it, I think preordering Shulk makes good video game collecting sense.

The one I'm most excited about is Robin. I really want Lucina too. Also, my nerd heart needs a Ness. I need some US retailer to put up preorders already so I can throw too much money at them.

I'm having an internal debate about Toad -- I really wanted Captain Toad, as is, I'm not sure about a non-ranking Toad. I want Villager too, but not badly enough to pay out the ass for the little bastard. I'm secretly hoping that when Nintendo makes an Animal Crossing, they'll make a girl Villager. Relatedly, I will pee on buildings for Isabelle.

Ey yo, if you've got amiibos, send me a picture in the comments. Or, just tell me who you have (or who you want.)

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