Friday, January 2, 2015

Thessia: Vendetta

Welcome to this edition of Javik Shits on Everything Liara Knows.

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Even though, I'll be honest, I have no idea how Queen Doctorate in Prothean History From Space University didn't pick up on this one.

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(I have a little trouble writing Javik's pissy dialog because I just can't see Javik swearing.)

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This is the theme for today: Shepard does all the work while Javik and Liara fight like children in the back seat.

Those dead bodies are at the feet of a huge ass statue. Hey Liara, sup with that statue?

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 photo the44_zps60ca6921.png

 photo the45_zpsb0c6a1e5.png

 photo the46_zpsfd54ab27.png

Where have we seen that before?

 photo the47_zps24ebc0a5.png

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ilu javik

You have to go around the temple and find "connections," or green lines that make the statue glow. Find them all and the statue blows up.

 photo the49_zpsc9ced04a.png

Shit, son, that is a beacon!

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 photo the51_zps12cd8101.png

Ey yo, what does this remind you of?

 photo the52_zps76e3361e.png

 photo the53_zps1ddbf373.png

Notice that Vendetta doesn't answer the question. Very sneaky, Bioware.

 photo the54_zps131e4db1.png

If you get one thing out of this entry, I want you read this next panel. No, fuck that, I want everyone to memorize this next panel. I need you to cross stitch this next panel. Vendetta is about to tell us how Mass Effect 3 ends.

This is the actual dialog from the game.

 photo the55_zpse72ccaac.png


 photo the56_zps6b3ede70.png

Actually, Vigil told us the same thing.

 photo the57_zpsdac7e574.png

 photo the58_zpsc0e30dbf.png

So how does Shepard get Vendetta to tell us what we need?

 photo the59_zps760deca8.png

Like that.

So anyway, what's the catalyst? Here we go, here's what we've sunk 45 hours of gameplay into, the catalyst is --

 photo the60_zps6d0c41d9.png

... huh?


  1. I am real sorry now that I didn't have Javik on my playthrough.