Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sanctuary: Brother TIM's Master Plan

 photo san17_zpsm3nia2i2.png

Last time we discovered that Sanctuary is crawling with the reaperized husks of the refugees that Cerberus lured there.

Garrus has a good point:

 photo san18_zpsz56vfxxh.png

 photo san19_zpsrpymmgmq.png

Speaking of, guess what we have to fight through waves of.

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As we continue through Sanctuary, we find another terminal.

 photo san21_zpskjcyneji.png

 photo san22_zps0i7ta01k.png

 photo san23_zpstbqbzsry.png

... did somebody fucking tape over the transmission or what's going on here?

 photo san24_zpsuyltjpxt.png

 photo san25_zps5mucgoac.png

 photo san26_zpstz1d6scx.png

 photo san27_zpsbl4iegci.png

There you go. If you can't figure out TIM's master plan at this point, let me spell it out for you: he thinks he can control the reapers. I'm not sure they ever elaborate on what. Knowing TIM, it's likely to destroy all the aliens, but I guess we could maybe hope for TIM teaching the reapers to tap dance.

 photo san26_zpstz1d6scx.png

The fuck, does no one keep video in Sanctuary for longer than thirty minutes?

 photo san28_zps6uoburqk.png

 photo san29_zpsyjlxdipi.png

Kai Leng! Kai Leng, you well-groomed bastard, don't do it!

 photo san30_zps4nkvihfr.png

 photo san31_zps0cq7n5iq.png

We'll leave that line of thought alone until next time. For right now, we've got to ride a train to the tower. Please assume that it looks and sounds like this:

 photo san32_zpsboo0qh5t.png

(Good Lord, I've never seen the music video for this. That's so delightfully appropriate.)

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  1. Your picture of Shepard, Liara, and Garrus on the train is amazing and terrible.