Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sanctuary: Push Butan

But first, we've got to clean up two Thessia scenes. I bet Javik is a barrel of laughs right now, let's go visit him.

 photo san1_zpsfc480977.png

Well then.

 photo san2_zps4913d6bd.png

I love this next exchange:

 photo san3_zps622fd853.png

Tali tells us to go visit Liara in her cabin next, so let's make that happen.

... however, somehow I just wrote nothing about this scene down in my notebook. So, I have to rely on my memory.

 photo san4_zps7fe5f297.png

Also I don't remember much. I'm not sure much actually happens.

And now, let us off to Sanctuary, to lop the balls off Kai Leng. EDI, read the wikipedia entry for Sanctuary to us.

 photo san5_zps7de59686.png

 photo san6_zpsea927f73.png

So let us now land in Sanctuary. It's a refugee camp, but it's oddly tore up and empty ... ? That never means anything good.

You've probably noticed by now that every Mass Effect 2 broheim who doesn't join the main party gets their own sidequest. Miranda's a little different, her sidequest is actually part of the main plot line. This is because Miranda was hands down the best Mass Effect 2 character.

Speaking of Miranda,

 photo san7_zps0ac5f6c1.png

 photo san8_zps39e11c5b.png

 photo san16_zps8bfaf069.png

... oh. OH. Dang, that never means anything good.

As we go deeper into Sanctuary, we find a pool that I guess the residents use.

 photo san9_zps6a9e11b7.png

 photo san10_zpsfcb6a4a8.png

 photo san11_zpse753c884.png

Down in the pool, we come to a strange facility.

 photo san12_zps5a94bd5c.png

 photo san13_zps348cd0d8.png

 photo san14_zpsa5b75be3.png

 photo san15_zpsdb41dc00.png


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  1. I just happened upon this page, read a few posts and hey, it's actually really quite funny. Though I feel like I should probably be reading it oldest to newest and not the other way round.