Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shadow Broker Aftermath

Instead of an opening comic, who minds if we discuss recent Bioware news?

Come on, you knew there'd be another Mass Effect. The only way we won't get one is if Bioware is like, "Huh, we just don't like money." My personal bets are on either something during the first contact war or Grand Theft Auto Starring Garrus, just because those seem to be the two people are making the most noise for. I'm kind of worried they'll do Brother Tim during the First Contact War, just because we already had that story and I'd rather see something different. Follow some grunt around.

Garrus futzing around Omega being Archangel would be exciting, but do you think they can sell a game that doesn't star a white guy? Mass Effect is really one of the few games that doesn't star a white dude and also sold well. Even then, if you want to play a white dude, you can. (I don't know anyone that did, but it's totally in the realm of possibility.)

You know what? I'm sick to hell and back of Shadow Broker, let's finish it up today.

 photo sha102_zps32c0b346.png

 photo sha103_zpsa479a3a8.png

 photo sha104_zps326213ef.png

Welcome Glyph to the stage! He really only comes up in Mass Effect 3, but we meet him here, so. The important thing to remember is that he's the Shadow Broker's VI, and also he fucks up and thinks everyone's the Shadow Broker.

Hey Liara, how's shit?

 photo sha105_zps99dfc182.png

 photo sha106_zps1c8efb37.png

 photo sha107_zpse7136baa.png

Oh wow! For once you all are glad I'm a shitty artist! That's a first.

 photo sha109_zps6abf75d2.png

Remember how the Shadow Broker was going to buy Sarenistotallyguilty.mp3 from Tali? Refresh your memory here and here if you need.

 photo sha110_zps50427d12.png

You can look through the Shadow Broker's files if you want. They're not very plot relevant. Probably the most significant plot wise is the fact that Garrus has a father, sister (Solana Vakarian) and a terminally ill mother, but even then, that is just barely touched on in Mass Effect 3. Grunt's is pretty funny, but you won't roll over and die if you don't read it. I think it's easier to read them on the wiki instead of in-game. Hey, though, that link has a spoiler for a character we haven't encountered yet!

There's a few videos, too, like Jacob doing sit ups because this is the horniest game, and a turian getting hit by a car. I don't know either. But there is one of Anderson talking to a Cerberus guy. Aww, he's checking on Shepard.

Let's move on. Hey, how is Feron?

 photo sha111_zps09ae468a.png

Holy shit, there's a music data pad close by, and if you turn it on while talking to Feron, holy shit, holy shit, it is so loud.

Also, hey, Star Trek comes out tomorrow! Unless you see it tonight. I see it tomorrow, don't spoil it for me.

You have the option to invite Liara up to the ship, let's do that now.

 photo sha112_zps29e84050.png

... I'll do a post at some point where I count Liara's costume changes, because damn, woman.

 photo sha113_zpsf132a768.png

This happens, because this is the horniest game.

 photo sha114_zps50c81618.png

(That's supposed to be Shepard's little office. Don't look at me like that!)

... just remember the tags thing for me, okay? Keep it in mind.

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 photo sha117_zps9a4bdf19.png

 photo sha118_zps6c98724f.png

 photo sha119_zpsb9318ddd.png

 photo sha120_zpsf61fe16e.png

 photo sha121_zpsd22fc064.png

I'm pretty sure this is the part where you re-bang her if you banged her in Mass Effect 1.

NEXT TIME: Walking titties. No, really.


  1. Spoiler Alert: Half of the new ST movie is Kirk and Spock making out, then they do drunk dials to whatever character Cumberbatch is playing.

  2. I already had a vision of the future of the series as a franchise. ME4 is going to be a 4x strategy game. It takes place a very short amount of time after ME3 and deal with the fallout of the mass relay system.

    The galaxy's fleet is all at Earth, which cannot sustain them. You must research tech until finding a way to travel faster than light without draining fuel. Then you must guide fleet members home safely past angry vorcha and batarians to get them to their home solar systems. On the way, new and existing crew members will point out known locations like Ilia, Omega, and the Citadel, where you may carry out transactions and interact with personalities from throughout the series. Keep 'em! Collect 'em! Trade 'em with your friends!