Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday Post! My Game Boys

... what? I don't have to give something away every Saturday. I can post whatever I want on Saturday, remember?

One of my interests is the preservation and collection of video games and consoles. Son of a fuck that sounded nerdy.

I have a modest retro collection. I say modest because anyone who actually collects retro consoles would be like, "Shit, you only have one SNES, and you didn't mod it to play famicom games? Who the hell are you?" But most people are just excited that I've got ROB sitting on my mantle. I'll have to post all of my stuff here some day, but since I recently added to my Game Boy collection, it's on my mind.

 photo BEA3A33E-80CB-4A07-B3C3-AFBC3DC29C5B-3931-000004E4657A5649_zps807bae5e.jpg

What's in this picture?

  • My original gray brick Game Boy. This was purchased by my grandmother for Christmas after my mother told me there was no way in hell I'd get anything after my SNES, ha.
  • My recently-acquired Game Boy Pocket in limited edition ice blue. I probably should have gotten a green one to go with all the purple, but look how damn shiny it is!
  • My Game Boy Color. I was the only kid who didn't want the transparent, meaning I actually got one for Christmas instead of my hold out friends who demanded clear. Did anyone ever get the IR to work on this thing? I don't think it actually worked.
  • My old style Game Boy Advance. It's the sort you can't see, remember this piece of shit? We have two, since my husband also has one.
  • My GBA SP, probably my favorite little machine in the line. It's backlit, it's sleek, it got me through freshman year of college. Some salesman sold my mother an "accessory pack" for Christmas, which was mostly crap except for some really cool stacking carts and those plastic grips you see on the side there. I really like those. I think they're MadCatz if you want to go trawling eBay for some.
  • My Game Boy player. I was too lazy to try and get this thing loose from my GameCube. It screws in, damnit! I still have the disk, too. The cool thing about this device is that it plays any Game Boy game. All of them. Handy as hell.
  • My Super Game Boy. I keep the Game Boy Camera in it to be a total shit. It's fun trying to take pictures with a Super Nintendo, I tell you what. (I sadly lack the printer.)
My favorite color is purple, by the by, can you tell? I am so sad that you can't get purple Wiis and WiiUs.

I took this picture, and then realized that I was missing a GBA Micro. Shit. The GBA Micro isn't a very useful machine, though, since it can only play GBA carts. I mean, look above, I've got that covered. If I come across one for like ten bucks, I'll snatch it, but eBay says I won't be doing that soon, so for right now, my collection is complete.

I thought about taking a DS picture. No lie, the Nintendo DS is my second favorite console ever, the SNES being my favorite. But, we only have three DSes: my old fatass blue DS (love that fucking thing, don't judge), husbando's white DS lite, and our teal 3DS. I wish we had the purple, but we don't. I'm not entirely sure what the DSi was even for, other than making me mad that they took out the Game Boy slot.

While I was taking pictures, Max ran over and demanded I photograph him. Remember Max, the little gray cat I draw on my husband's lap? I figured I'd let Max have a selfie on the blog today, since he is The Official MSPixel cat.

 photo E3C92DF9-250B-42D2-80FE-C401C026CB18-3931-000004E45E4E3234_zpseb044c83.jpg

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  1. I still have my gray brick. Still works too, except the guinea pigs I owned back then really liked to chew soft plastic. They're favorite things? My Barbie's hands and feet and the buttons on my GB. I could get a repair kit, but I like the sentimental feel. ^_^