Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chasing Tela Vasir

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... I have been sick for days and on top of it, I just so happened to get the second migrane of my life yesterday. Typing this entry's actually making me pretty sick, but I feel bad for not being able to do anything on Friday, so I'll sacrifice and draw Liara's underthings for you all. Because I love you all. Still, forgive me if I'm a little brief.

Anyway, Tela Vasir promised she'd show us to the salarian's work place, right?

I think the guy works at ... some science place. I'm sure they said and I didn't catch it.

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Shit! Vasir makes Shepard a deal: she'll start looking for the bomber from the top of the building, and Shepard will start from the bottom.

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Turns out, Vasir finds the Salarian first! That's handy, now she can get that data for --

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Everyone wave hello to Liara's new costume! I love her Lair of the Shadow Broker outfit. It's a text book example of something that's sexy without showing a hell of skin, you pretty much never see that. Hey comic book industry, are you paying attention?

Besides, you ask anyone who knows me, the whole jacket-over-your-clothes thing is totally in my fashion wheelhouse. I'm biased.

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Quickly! We have to chase Tela Vasir!

 photo sha35_zpsbb0b662c.png

Preferably out a window. Isn't this like the third window dive we've seen?

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So anyway, Shepard et all hops in the cab. It looks much like this:

 photo Mario-Kart-64_zpsf43c572c.jpg

Haaa, I just wanted to use that screenshot again. So anyway, it looks like this:

 photo blade-runner-city_zpsb3579a9c.jpg

Nah, but legit, have you seen Blade Runner? Spectacular movie. Bioware lifted, like, all its art direction from that movie. If you don't believe me, go watch it, and pay attention to the scenes where they drive around the cities. It looks like real Mass Effect. Shit, the cars are exactly the same. Bioware didn't even color them purple or anything.

Anyway, this is going on:

 photo 0_zpsc21b7f95.jpg

HA! Get it? Because there's other cars on the road, and you keep crashing into them? Trust me, I'm hilarious.

... okay, I've got to stop. NEXT TIME: grand theft auto screenshot goes here

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  1. OMG! You're so right about blade runner! I almost thought that pic was from the game.