Friday, May 31, 2013

For We Are Many

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So last time we had this geth body, right? We probably ought to start that fucker up. The Cerberus staff put the geth in the AI core, because ... actually, wouldn't that be the worst place for a geth? Once you fire the robot up, wouldn't it just network with EDI and cause all kinds of havoc?

Fuckin'a, just start it up in the air lock. That way if it goes ape shit, you can just space it.

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Thanks, Random Guard Guy #246 that we've never seen before and never will see again.

Why does everyone in the Mass Effect universe salute with their left hand?

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... a likely story. All right, geth, go on.

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This is what happens in the damn game, if I'm lying I'm flying.

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The geth have different words for some things we've already encountered. "Old machines" is geth for "reapers."

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... did you all hear that? Read those three panels again.

I won't spoil it for you, but this ties strongly into the final solution in Mass Effect 3. If you've played the end, doesn't this all sound a little familiar?

... okay, now here we go, for those of us who've played Mass Effect 3, I'm going to blow your mind. Watch, you forgot about this shit, but it happens big as life:

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That happens. Really truly, that is in Mass Effect 2. If you've played the end of Mass Effect 3, you are dying right now. Are you not? Did you not just shit yourself right there?

If you haven't played ME3, just promise me you'll keep those two events in the back of your mind.

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Okay, if you just got that, we can totes be friends.

But legit, this is what EDI actually says in this scene:

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So our mystery geth has a name, and from here on out, we shall call it Legion, for it is many.

Let's throw the barrier down, then. Welcome, Legion!


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Hey, what the hell? I'm trying to do a next time joke!

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... well then!

NEXT TIME: It'll be Wednesday, I know that much.


  1. That, my dear, is a fucking Chrono Trigger reference, and is exactly what I kept calling Legion when I first met him until I memorized his name.

    This made my day.

    1. Chrono Trigger? Where??

      Flip flip flip

      Wiki wiki wiki

      Holy rigatoni. Son. Of. A. Bitch.

  2. Hit that and end process lmao...

    I had thought about what he said, when I reached the end of ME3, but...but...yeah well, that's what replays are for. I seriously took like 45 minutes to decide, the first time around. It was like a pause to rethink my whole life.