Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Kocari Wilds: Master The Taint

So last time, we met Alistair, and then began tromping around the Kocari wilds, because Duncan said so.

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What? Why are you looking at me like that? That's what happened last time, on March 27th, and this is what we're doing on today, this glorious April 1st.

AFter some dark spawn stabbin', we come across what we were looking for.

 photo dao2_zpsruv6dr6c.png

So all we have to do is grab it, and -- the hell?

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 photo dao4_zpsslcmklpq.png

 photo dao5_zpso3sprzif.png

 photo dao6_zpsyky3kwie.png

Morrigan leads us to Mama Morrigan, but it's pretty uneventful.

 photo dao7_zpspz8qxb1d.png

Morrigan leads us out of the wilds, so we can go take the dark spawn blood to Duncan.

 photo dao8_zpsbz4a9z62.png

 photo dao9_zpsomdnzdhi.png

ha ha what

Naw, surely homeboy wouldn't purposely kill off his own recruits. Let's go to the joining ceremony.

 photo dao10_zpsccccefix.png

 photo dao11_zpshbtk7owu.png

What. You seriously didn't think that at all?

 photo dao12_zpsjswm3izk.png

I mean, the guy has a name, but it may as well be Lieutenant Bioware Ser Bioware, because you'll never guess what happens to the fucker.

 photo dao13_zpsvfphwrm3.png

 photo dao14_zpseu557uog.png

 photo dao15_zpszthk16kk.png

 photo dao16_zpsc0mtibs9.png

Duncan would a little bit remind me of Anderson if he weren't SUCH A COLOSSAL DICKWAD.

 photo dao17_zpszrwcodt9.png

 photo dao18_zpsqimcqrri.png

So anyway, down the hatch, or else we get knifed in the worst way I guess.

 photo dao19_zpswl9ijntu.png

It goes as well as you think it does.

 photo dao20_zpsbpdnl6js.png

 photo dao21_zps9ououu9z.png

Once the warden passes out, she sees a vision of something awful, scaly, with big nasty horns on its head and inhuman eyes.

 photo dao22_zpsdc3eppxa.png

But, all good things have to come to an end.

 photo dao23_zpslz64bn0l.png

(Happy April Fools day. If you need more MSPixel/Dragon Age in your life, check here and here.)

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  1. Oooohh. I almost never get April Fools pranks, so I totally missed it. See whacha did there.