Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Citadel DLC: Ocean's Shepard

Last time on MSPixel, we ... well, that happened. Anyway.

 photo cdl101_zpsrjqjzq5n.png

So, after changing into that humiliating short ass dress, we're allowed to choose our date for the casino. You can actually pick Wrex here, which is hilarious, but instead I'll dance with the girl I came with.

So there's this red carpet scene?

 photo cdl102_zps7jqbu9eu.png

Everyone else loves the red carpet scene, I get second hand embarrassment from it. It's pretty bad.

One of the complaints about Mass Effect 3 was that there weren't enough romance scenes. Some people wanted a dating DLC where you could actually go out and do stuff with your significant other. No, really, and they were gonna pay money for it, too. Like, JFC, either get a real date or discover An Archive Of Our Own.

I like the romance scenes, but if it's not obvious, I don't have a high tolerance for overly scmoopy crap. I think what Bioware gave us was a nice compromise.

Liara says to mingle with the other casino patrons to look natural. Get surprised, Shepard's not a not a mingler.

 photo cdl103_zpsum5mxewg.png

Eventually, Brooks figures out how to slip into the casino's panic room.

 photo cdl104_zpsejvrs3im.png

 photo cdl105_zpsfdyetjt5.png

The contacts make the wires glow colors.

 photo cdl106_zpsbvfy0z35.png

Oh, and also it makes your eyes glow green. I'm glad we were worried about being conspicuous.

Brooks will sometimes call in and give you a little mini mission.

 photo cdl107_zps0auxvlkz.png

Of course, being a video game and all, you then do the mini mission.

 photo cdl108_zpshm6qzplq.png

 photo cdl109_zpsznvgteyf.png

One time Garrus does it, which is ... weird.

 photo cdl110_zpsu3xl5ut5.png

When you finish, Shepard will call Brooks.

 photo cdl111_zps377ofhae.png

Anyway, off to the panic room with us!

 photo cdl112_zpskcy8zmlf.png

 photo cdl113_zps4zt9upug.png

I'd like to take this moment to congratulate Khan for being the one motherfucker in the 2180s who uses a desktop instead of a space iPad.

 photo cdl114_zpsfqgpbatg.png

There's this big static-ey screen overtop that lights up. You know what? I think I see -- you know what, never mind, that's likely my bad art.

 photo cdl115_zpsdkildkwf.png

 photo cdl116_zps0lokgiwz.png

 photo cdl117_zpsvogi0xnx.png

 photo cdl118_zpsslzbogox.png

 photo cdl119_zpsavth2quw.png

 photo cdl120_zps0qfhsgns.png

.... annnnnnnnnnnnd Brooks is the only one trying to earn her paycheck today.

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