Wednesday, April 1, 2015

MSPixel Madness: Amiibo Tournament Day 3

Let's look at some highlights from today's match up!

Today we were in the Lylat system. It was pretty close quarters.

I love it when the Nintendog pops up.

The Link/Shulk rivlary continues. Could the Links be teaming up?

Speaking of getting Double Linked, Rosalina's not bad with that Luma.

Shulk gets casually hit in the face with a final smash. This level's so teeny that it was nothing for, like, six amiibos to get hit face first with a final smash.

I am disturbed that Kirby wears the wrong Zelda hat.


And the winner is?

Toon Link! Back pats to him, he's usually pretty bad. He won by +20, too!

Here's our standings:

Toon Link needed that win, he's ahead now. But oh, look: Link and Shulk are tied! Shit's heating up!

Start filling out those brackets!

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