Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thessia: Also They Were Delicious

Hey, happy new year tomorrow!

Anyway, Thessia. A picturesque planet rich in history.

 photo the22_zpsa0b8a034.png

Then, the reapers came along and ate its shit.

 photo the23_zps9f35ff65.png

 photo the24_zps41adf012.png

Does it bother anyone else that Liara is totally Queen Sensitivity during this?

Something Husbando~ and I noticed while we were playing this section again:

 photo the25_zps0eda2687.png

Did anyone else notice how damn dark this level is? It takes place during the day! You can't see shit! We were fiddling with the settings on the TV and everything, it was awful. I thought that rule #1 in video game level design was that the player has to see some shit.

Anyway, we roll up to the temple, but:

 photo the26_zps59cc4267.png

Kurin finds Shepard and is all like, "We's all gon die!" which makes sense, because this huge harvester comes in and wrecks the asari military's shit pretty hard. We have to take out the harvester to proceed.

One problem.

 photo the27_zps478e2adb.png

 photo the28_zpsbcee7751.png

 photo the29_zpsb1e34390.png

That fucker is hard. My vanguard ass had nearly no useable powers and a pea shooter, so I was really, really stuck.

 photo the30_zps837a6d8c.png

 photo the28_zpsbcee7751.png

 photo the29_zpsb1e34390.png

 photo the31_zps13068d6a.png

 photo the28_zpsbcee7751.png

 photo the29_zpsb1e34390.png

I'm not even kidding, I beat the guy, but it was 95% luck and 5% Liara and Javik spamming every power they knew.

Let's see what's inside the temple.

 photo the32_zps17e22d94.png

... I am aware that I'm a shit.

Santa might have brought me a WiiU, and maybe I've been playing too much Hyrule Warriors.

 photo the33_zps7640156d.png

 photo the34_zps62e17321.png

Do you know how hard I looked for a useable picture of the buster sword? Feh, they're a matched set.

 photo the35_zps3f45d973.png

 photo the36_zps051b187e.png

We'll let Javik stomp more on Liara's world next time.

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