Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Leviathan: R2Detour

Last time, we had to find an alternate route to Garneau. Let's see where that took us.

 photo lev54_zps3fc4b8cc.png

That's okay, we do our usual thing and get to the door to go to the next area.

 photo lev55_zps9b90aa3c.png

Or that happens.

So this mechanic is 100% stolen from multiplayer: Shepard activates the drone and follows it around the map. (I think they draw power from omnitools?) Should Shepard go outside of its range for any reason, the drone stops moving. The name of the game is getting the drone to the console on the other side of the field so that we can get that door open.

 photo lev56_zps1b52dbf5.png

Yeah okay so this part blows chunks as a vanguard.

Vanguards work by being extremely mobile. You can't cage a vanguard, man.

 photo lev57_zpsf931ce92.png

 photo lev58_zps5b55f75b.png

The only thing I can figure out is to leave the drone zone, take care of shit in the usual way, and rush back.

 photo lev59_zps08ac2847.png

The side effect is, of course, that your squadmates will bitch at you until you tear your hair out.

 photo lev60_zps1177e9ee.png

And of course, we must end as such:

 photo lev61_zps6ec84e4e.png

I'm not even kidding, this is the second hardest area of the game.

So anyway, look carefully as you go to the door, because if you're sharp you can see on the ground:

 photo lev62_zps2d7e670d.png

I don't know if it's a glitch or it's actually in the game, but yeah, there's an omnitool just, like, laying out. I guess this is one for those nerds that like to fight over how omnitools are constructed.

We walk in on this idyllic scene:

 photo lev63_zps133ba9f5.png

 photo lev64_zps0daa71da.png

I paint plenty of explosions for MSPixel. I think about that a lot.

Either way, Garneau is dead --

 photo lev65_zpsbdff34c5.png


 photo lev66_zpsd487916f.png

 photo lev67_zps4f99d492.png

(It's 2186!)

Huh, I guess the TGES workers and "Garneau" were indoctr --

Wait, hold the phone. Leviathan can make artifacts AND indoctrinate people? ... is it a reaper too?

 photo lev68_zpsf06115ef.png

 photo lev69_zps56ab9e70.png



  2. Guys. Vanguards get guns too. You can use them to kill reapers from range. I checked.