Friday, October 24, 2014

Leviathan: I Don't Think That's Dr. Garneau Either!

 photo lev39_zps017a0698.png

The guys at the mineralworks?

They are so into tungsten.

 photo lev40_zpsbf3cae4e.png

As you go deeper within, you get to learn more about tungsten.

 photo lev41_zps8b39916e.png

... There is, however, such a thing as oversharing.

Thankfully, we'll eventually find Garneau!

 photo lev42_zps6d5c2f22.png

 photo lev43_zpsd00fdadb.png

 photo lev44_zpsc9ff431a.png

 photo lev45_zps637bfdd2.png

 photo lev46_zpsa10f2e0f.png

commander shepard master interrogater

 photo lev47_zpsc7c4f6fd.png

"Hey, Bean, what did you say about this being the Halloween episode of Mass Effect?"

 photo lev48_zps78e5e681.png

 photo lev49_zpsf5df6fa9.png

 photo lev50_zps99cbbeeb.png

So apparently Space University just, like, gives out degrees?

(In the game, Shepard gives Liara the biggest sass look, it's wonderful.)

 photo lev51_zps45c507ea.png

 photo lev52_zps53e3b114.png

It's time to run after Garneau! ... except my run broke somehow, so I leisurely strolled after him. I had no idea how to draw Shepard leisurely strolling.

 photo lev53_zpsad19f09d.png

Dr. Garneau will cut the power, which somehow means Shepard has to use a ladder instead of the doors. Maybe the doors run on electricity? ... Maybe the doors run of mass effects?

Nothing runs on mass effects. The doors run on horse asses.

This part doesn't divide as evenly as I want it to, so you'll have to wait until next time for the stunning conclusion.

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