Friday, October 17, 2014

Leviathan: Tungsten

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Yeah, so, that's going on up in Bryson's lab.

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Bryson has a galaxy map in his lab. There's a mini game where you search through Bryson's apartment for Space Google "search filters". EDI can apply them to the map to help Shepard to figure out where to go next.

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Uh, so, our final result is a tiny little asteroid mining colony, TGS Mineralworks. Let's go there now.

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Shepard's never been in a horror DLC before now, I guess.

So get surprised, TGS is fucking lined in reaper troops. Remember, Bryson said that reaper troops were following Leviathan researchers wherever they went, so probably they followed Garneau here.

The TGS folk are ... welp.

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... Fuckin'a.

Okay, so, um, maybe ten feet away, there's a repair console that Shepard can activate. It'll drop a drone we can use to fix the elevator.

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... yeah, that's just like the multiplayer drone.

If you're not familiar, you have to follow the little guy close or else he stops. I guess maybe he's powered by omnitools? Remember his name, we'll be screaming it later.

With access to the mines, we're free to wander around and get lost for thirty damn minutes. This area is huge, and the layout is super random. It feels like Mass Effect 1, except that no one gives you a damn map.

You might come across a medical console.

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Huh. Okay. Bookmark it.

As you go along in the mines, you'll find a space iPad with an unsent message from Garneau to Bryson. It's basically, "This place is way messed, if you need to come get me, have my access code."

Shep and pals find a huge computer, so Liara hacks its gibson to get everyone in.

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Those fucked up creepy guys lied to us!

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Back to the medical area!

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We'll go inside next time.

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