Friday, October 10, 2014

The Halloween Episode of Mass Effect

MSPals! Today, we attend to one of my favorite sections of Mass Effect 3!

Real talk, it's been a while since I've played it, so I hope that I still like it when I finish MSPixeling it. I liked Arrival until I MSpainted that bullshit. What I'm saying is, let's hope this isn't a chronicle of my departure from optimism.

I'll stop talking. Yo, so there were three DLCs released for ME3, right? There was Omega, which we did, The Big Bad Amazing One, which is coming, and this one. My favorite. Heave ho, let's go.

Leviathan was released on August 28th, 2012, when we were all mightily pissed at Bioware for the ending of Mass Effect 3. Thank God Leviathan was better than that ending, huh?

My timing on this couldn't be better because Leviathan is, seriously, the Halloween episode of Mass Effect.

We begin by landing on the Citadel and paying a visit to some dumb son of a bitch who's been emailing us.

 photo lev1_zpsd5ae32bc.png

You can tell he's a scientist because he's got a ... beaker thingie.

Y'all come for the art and stay for the commentary, I get it.

 photo lev2_zpsc25b52b9.png

 photo lev3_zpsb614f3b5.png

 photo lev4_zpsf68a7f76.png

 photo lev5_zps579199cc.png

 photo lev6_zps4bb2b350.png

oooo spoooky~

Shepard deals with this just about like you'd expect her to.

 photo lev7_zpsd250c426.png

 photo lev8_zpsef5d4aab.png

... ey yo, that isn't the correct response to getting cold cocked in the jaw.

So C-Sec shows up. EDI also shows up, pretending that I didn't just spend the past two entries ripping synthetics a new ass.

 photo lev9_zps4cbfaf0e.png

 photo lev10_zps2eff6aca.png

 photo lev11_zpsfdf751c2.png

 photo lev12_zps5afb62ab.png

Hadley kindly hooks us up with some mad artifact action.

 photo lev13_zps6ad463cd.png

... they missed a real opportunity, not making this thing look like an Object Rho.

 photo lev14_zps5e061c1d.png

Seriously, it does the same thing as an Object Rho.

I know they're not all technically Object Rhos, but Bioware never officially named them. What else do I do?

 photo lev15_zps779a8375.png

 photo lev16_zps7909c659.png

EDI has found something, she wants us to come see.

 photo lev17_zpsd38d18da.png

 photo lev18_zpsf2698b10.png

 photo lev19_zps96519633.png

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