Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rannoch: Ect

Okay, MSPals, today we're going to do a little housekeeping with a few random scenes.

Let's start with the Prime that rolls up to Shepard once the whole Rannoch thing is over.

 photo ran83_zps19ed48ac.png



 photo ran84_zps95d3475a.png

 photo ran85_zps807d16eb.png

Let's go visit Tali.

 photo ran86_zpsfb199333.png

 photo ran87_zps9db36671.png

She says something about how she has to beat the reapers because they're coming for Rannoch next, but you and I both know it's so she'll stay a squadmate.

 photo ran88_zps34ac2bb0.png

Let's visit Tali aboard the Normandy, too.

 photo ran89_zpsc61cbca7.png

Really, quarians? Really? Y'all are just, like, cool with geth just uploading themselves into your suits? Holy shit, that's how you lose planets a second time, you assholes.

 photo ran90_zps20460aef.png


 photo ran91_zpsc692643e.png

Okay, when Tali said that, did anyone else hear this?

 photo ran92_zps4e24eb35.png

Bioware, I can't even hate, it would be like if I started drawing square people.

Okay, I've luckily unlocked one conversation that I was hoping to get, so let's do it. At some point in the game, Shepard will find Ashley ... indisposed.

 photo ran93_zpsda87a610.png

 photo ran94_zpsb18579b6.png

 photo ran95_zps383db490.png

 photo ran96_zps690f42d3.png

 photo ran97_zpsd807b37d.png

NEXT TIME: Seriously one of my favorite sections of the game. Today's MSPixel Activity Corner is trying to guess what we'll be doing.

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