Friday, November 7, 2014

MSPixel: YouTube Edition

You guys, I've been sick, and also I'm having some kind of bizarre ass tablet malfunction.

But I feel bad leaving you for a week. You wanna just, you know, binge a little on YouTube? I fucking love YouTube. We can have a good time talking about video games.

I subscribe to Nintendo of America on YouTube. That is a pro click, children. These are people that love video games, and also hallucinogens.

Also I seriously want Mario Kart 8 just for the DLC. I mean, look at this shit.

Link looks like the happiest sperm in the load, look at that fucker. Everyone else is busy being VRY SRS about SRS RACE SHIT and he's all, wheeeee!

Speaking of our homie Link,

I fell over when I found out. I still haven't played Majora's Mask! I still might try to play it OG style, on the N64. I never did because I don't have an expansion pak. I've got the cube version, but the audio problem always held me back.

Still, Majora's Mask umnumnumnumnum.

I had no idea Bioware had a YouTube channel. I knew the lovable bastards had a pinterest, but the YouTube thing was new to me.

It is N7 day, who wants to see the latest Mass Effect video? Here's the good folks at Bioware giving a talk at ComicCon aboot about the next Mass Effect.

It's 30 minutes long, so grab your knitting or something.

Do you remember that survey they sent out a thousand years ago about what we wanted to see in Mass Effect? I more or less said, "Do what you need, but Bean needs to play as a girl." You guys, they listened to me. Specifically.

... you guys, I'm so nervous about the new ME. I'm more nervous than you are. If it sucks, I'm shot in the foot! What the hell do I paint?!

I feel like we should know more about the new Mass Effect, isn't it coming out soon? Then again, they're releasing Dragon Age: Inquisition soon, they probably don't want to detract from that.

Hey, you want a Dragon Age video? Here's some Biodevs speaking about Dragon Age at PAX. I'm not a DA person, I have no idea what the Keep is. Is this the multiplayer or something?

And finally, if you're as big a fan of Retsuprae as I am, you'll love this:

This is fun. We should have fun talking about video games more often. If there's any video game videos/YouTubes/news I need in my life, holla at in the comments.


  1. Video Games Awesome, it's a kind of video game MS3TK. They've longhauled, (completed) several games including Mass Effects 1-3 and are working through the Zelda and Phoenix Wright series. Highly recommended. If nothing else watch the Mass Effect playlists.

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  3. You know how you keep rolling over saves into new games? ME to ME2, then ME2 into ME3? And how, if they added a new console, or you lost your saves, you were kind of SOL? Well, the Keep is a solution for that (for Dragon Age, but I am sure it's a concept they plan to expand on). It's a website where you input your decisions (maybe you really made them, maybe you didn't. Who cares? The Keep doesn't) to create a world state, then you upload that to Origins. Then, when you load up DAI, you can use that world state for your game. You can change it as much as you want, upload it as often as you need for as many different world states as you want (only one world state is uploaded at a time, however. Gotta start a game to 'save' the world state.)