Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday Post!


I had this lovely post typed up, set it to post, and then somehow SAVED IT IN MY DRAFTS. It's an announcement about Wednesday night streaming.

"Bean, have you been streaming to literally no one this whole time like some kind of jackass?" Oh hell yes.

So, uh, Wednesday night streaming. See y'all tonight. Here's the announcement in full, from I don't know a fucking month ago.

Some of you noticed that I haven't been posting on Wednesday. Hilariously, it isn't laziness.

With Andromeda coming out in 2017, I cannot tap dance any more waiting for that release. So, for one, you're getting Mass Effect on Fridays now just to give me some time. I don't know that I can bump up the ending to Mass Effect 3 right with Andromeda's release day, but this gives me a more fair shot if that makes sense.

But I still want to give you all some mid-week content, because I like you all. Another game isn't totally off the table, but I'm keeping my mouth shut on that front and instead doing this:

 photo streamingnight_zpssyirbn6b.png

You should join me for some streaming! Go check out Tonight at 8, me and Husbando~ will be on doing the Star Fox 2 prototypes. I felt it timely.

(Our plumbing is busted, so Husbando~ may or may not be there, but he sure wants to be.)

Also I wanted to do Star Fox and couldn't think of a way to draw it. That's a game you really need to see and hear to understand!

Here's a twitch hint: if you have an account, you can hit the little heart to follow me. That way, you can get email updates and even smart phone notifications when I'm on!

See you tonight, can't wait!

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