Monday, June 13, 2016

E3: Your KMom

I could write a witty ass introduction, but I know why you showed up today so let's just get to it.

.... nah, I'll remind you to follow my twitter, @MSPixelBlog for live tweets during E3, and remind you that you'll be getting MORE MSPixel after today's conferences from Microsoft, Sony and Ubisoft. I may do Nintendo if there's enough to make fun of.

NOW let's get to the reason you all showed up here.

 photo e31601_zpshtlelaz6.png

 photo e31602_zpsklpbfo4j.png

 photo e31603_zpsomrbxu2p.png

 photo e31604_zpsaeknajck.png

 photo e31605_zpsxrs9uscr.png

 photo e31606_zpskpldgthj.png

 photo e31607_zpsemxdfwju.png

 photo e31608_zpsfhlysjwh.png

 photo e31609_zps7ngwpob2.png

 photo e31610_zpsjajxkduj.png

 photo e31612_zpslhll1lej.png

 photo e31613_zpsrdcaycwv.png

 photo e31614_zpszcl0sujv.png

 photo e31615_zpsqk4lvi8c.png

 photo e31616_zpsqkhkayyw.png

 photo e31617_zpsx6xjxhkc.png

 photo e31618_zpszxs7ps6x.png

 photo e31619_zpsbchrujlq.png

 photo e31620_zpscuacafp2.png

 photo e31621_zpse0jplzvk.png

You know that quote from Samara? "I am a ruined vessel of sorrow and regret, but I am free?" I think about that quote a lot. I've achieved the first half of it, for sure.

Bioware hasn't done shit for Andromeda. I've drawn more concept art for fucking Andromeda than they have. They've spent the past year with their hands in their pants, knee deep in hentai and ramen, and all they brought to E3 was "see you in the fall tee hee!"

I'm so mad. Steam is shooting out of my asshole right now in this very living moment in history. You can watch the damn trailer, but who the fuck cares, I drew the highlights for you.

See you on Twitter for the other conferences. Me and Paul have some hats to put on.

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