Friday, June 10, 2016

London: The Gray Parade

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... it's different drawing stuff in the present day instead of 200 years in the future.

Speaking of,

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This occurred to literally no one else?

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And now, it's Bioware Story Time.

So the story goes, Bioware didn't want a final boss for Mass Effect 2, but EA forced the final human/reaper hybrid fight on them. I don't know how much of that story is true beyond "we don't want a final boss, but here it is," but such is the rumor.

For, uh, for better or worse, they got to end Mass Effect 3 their way, meaning Mass Effect 3 doesn't really have a final boss.

It instead has this fight.

 photo las317_zps489vdrom.png

Like, whatever, we've fought reapers before, right?

 photo las318_zpsggl2rqfs.png

Yeah, but ...

 photo las319_zpsl3mqpaho.png

Look, I could sit here and draw reaper forces all day, but I'm not sure I can overemphasize how FUCKING HARD the last push of Mass Effect 3 is. There's just ... there's just so much! And it can all kill you!

I have beaten a lot of games in my life, and Mass Effect 3's ending is probably the hardest, excepting maybe the time Secret of Mana glitched out on me and I had to use a game genie code to get that done.

 photo las320_zpsugx6nvrj.png

 photo las321_zpskngykgfb.png

 photo las322_zps6pfzxpqf.png

Oh, and don't fucking expect your squadmates to be useful.

 photo las323_zpsfduy1thz.png

They will spend the fight dead.

Actually, it's one of the things I like about the ending! If you're not going to do a final boss, go big or go home, right?

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(Hey, don't forget that E3 is next week. I'll be here, poorly drawing all of your favorite E3 coverage! Bioware, I'd better get my Andromeda trailer this year!)

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