Friday, March 4, 2016

London: The Humans

... which was a very obscure Game Boy game, actually!

But first, hey Bean, where have you been?

Nowhere important, just spilling soda on my laptop and breaking it to the point where it's barely functional.

 photo las126_zpslykxtt6u.png

HP was a complete pain in the ass to deal with and holy shit I wouldn't buy a bottle of water off of them in the future, but they did have a decent President's day sale and they did manage to send me a new computer 15 days earlier than they said they would.

 photo las127_zpsuholccei.png

I think I want one of those stickers to cover the HP logo. Not an N7 sticker, though, everyone has an N7 sticker on their computer.

Guess what happened literally the day I got my new computer operating.

 photo las128_zpsfh6wgjju.png

 photo las129_zpstgok7yub.png

 photo las130_zpsdwxgcq4s.png

... as a Mass Effect fan, I'm totally fine with this. I still think 3 needed six months more dev time, at minimum. As a smart mouth blogger, I am scrapping for shit you guys. I have plans, but they were gonna get me through, like, fall.

I'll figure something out. Want to land in London?

 photo las118_zpskhk4diyo.png

 photo las119_zps4esndl3s.png

 photo las120_zpsvlkbxhkt.png

 photo las121_zpshmeiemgg.png

 photo las122_zps0idwdqca.png

 photo las123_zpspkabefsf.png

 photo las124_zpsonxldnfd.png

So, let's find some squadmates.

I'm'a be real, some of them are more interesting than others.

 photo las125_zpswtpxkrvi.png

You're a champ, Vega.

 photo las131_zpsqzpxbjla.png

 photo las132_zpslrrajx9o.png

 photo las133_zpsuzqffamc.png

 photo las134_zpscglgxfvu.png

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