Friday, March 25, 2016

London: Four Hundred Balls

So anyway, now we come to Liara, who is, um.

 photo las168_zps9tvjxcwu.png

This scene is nice because it's delicate. I doubt Bioware would ever say so, but I think Liara is their favorite, and you can tell by the way this scene is written. Among other things. Like the fact that Liara got her own entire DLC. But anyway.

Liara's not my favorite, but I do love that she's Blue Lucca.

 photo las169_zpsrt2a3mll.png

 photo las170_zpsxkvo2vss.png

Aww, shit, Liara, you haven't done The Thing since Mass Effect 1. You go right ahead.

 photo las171_zpslm5oxgpv.png

So what does Liara show you?

 photo las172_zpsx45e9ldb.png

 photo las173_zpsgtaimaaf.png

 photo las174_zpsdcyruhj6.png

I'm ... not sure. It's just this. Is it supposed to be the beginning of the universe? The end? I don't actually know.

I seriously would have preferred a cheesy clip show. They could have done a Final Fantasy vocal track over it and everything, it would have ruled.

 photo las175_zpsqipdo36a.png

Actual screen shot from Mass Effect:

 photo 9115307_zpsequhfrp6.jpg

seems legit


 photo las176_zpsfuwysel1.png

As we go along, we find Wrex on the mount talking to the krogan troops.

 photo las177_zpssm9wugh6.png

 photo las178_zpsboxp5jqv.png

 photo las179_zpsvivoyegi.png

 photo las180_zpsqodkdbii.png

 photo las181_zpsqnkwn8l6.png

 photo las182_zpscdkmqtld.png

Oh my GOD let's go running toward Javik.

 photo las183_zps7rry4hxt.png

 photo las184_zpsmzkchlwl.png

 photo las185_zpsaorg9hdt.png

 photo las186_zpspxpbgcbp.png

 photo las187_zpsaodntiex.png

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  1. You realize you just spawned a Star Trek/ME crossover fic right?