Sunday, March 20, 2016

Amiibo March Madness Week 1!

Happy Sunday! Guess what you're getting!

Last year, I tried Amiibo Madness, but it was a giant pain in the ass because I had to do it all in screen shots. No mas, I said to myself, but then Nintendo added a feature to Smash that lets you upload video. It is so lazy, it's beautiful. I'm sitting here typing up this post while my WiiU does all the hard shit. Fuck, maybe I should be playing Mass Effect 3 on WiiU.

... Mass Effect with amiibos. Tap to spam a power.

Whatever. This year I've got teams. And a bracket. Let's view our teams!

Also, you're getting toad cheerleaders! So enjoy that in each picture.

 photo 396E1369-1E53-4DB1-8BC3-9D19A71019F9_zpsj5pisj1o.jpg

Team Mario! The classic.

 photo BA5E1C17-807D-410C-B131-95A1EADCD657_zpsimvkjmnd.jpg

Team Zelda! Because there's only like seven thousand Zelda amiibos.

"Hey Bean, why is Toon Link there?" Because I put regular Link in with:

 photo 4D3639A6-2CA3-4988-8CAE-586781D60197_zpsbk9mpuh3.jpg

Pretty Anime Swordsmen! Husbando's a little pissed off that I put Link in the 'pretty' category, but look at that fucker. He's got the best guyliner on the pretty team.

 photo 43965E95-D29C-4571-AFEA-48B4952958A7_zpslgm04tyg.jpg

16 Bit Supremacy! SNES Best NES. Don't tell Sonic.

 photo E5E0EB60-D9A3-4CB6-8A18-604791533DA9_zpszqa9kzmm.jpg

Nintendo Hates Us! These fighters are ready to kick ass and take name and also get a new game on a current gen console what the hell.

 photo B8585F14-49B8-4729-9D80-AC4746BCE9CE_zpsn9qfmck4.jpg

Nintendo Princesses! Because that's a brand that's totally worked out for MSPixel in the past.

 photo 700399DA-32C0-477C-885D-2C7FB77E2504_zpsg2w3lj3c.jpg

Cutie Patoots! Because wookit, so cutie. So patoot.

You know, I should have probably flipflopped Ness and Lucas, but Lucas is a little more of a cutie patoot so he stays.

 photo 778B5535-2883-4878-9497-766166E5B2CE_zpslvehgz4f.jpg

Team Girl! Because Nintendo is all about girls, even non-princess ones.

Did you need Samus and Toadette together in that picture? Yes you did.

Here's your bracket so you can keep up with the tournament.

 photo 1_zpsfm1c78gw.png

Go ahead, fill it out, and then watch the first two games in the tournament below!

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