Friday, January 1, 2016

Cronos Station: Space Instagram

Happy New Year to you and yours! Remember, we get a new Mass Effect game this year, so strap the fuck in!

Anyway, after thoroughly wrecking Kai Leng's shit, Vendetta comes back.

 photo asc240_zpsuntrzkzj.png

 photo asc241_zpslemcmtmu.png

Please, Vendetta, a minor problem such as an entire Goddamn fleet of reapers isn't going to stop Shepard.

Outside Earth, the Citadel closes its arms.

 photo asc243_zpsdejhwnf0.png

Inside, Shepard space skypes with Anderson.

 photo asc244_zpsjqy2t6y3.png

You know what I love about Mass Effect? "Well sir, after kicking my dramatic foil's ass, the ancient alien VI told me all about how the space robot spiders are planning to take an entire space city and keep it away from our mechanical penis so that we can't shoot at them with a not-Mass Effect," that's just, like, Tuesday for Commander Shepard.

 photo asc245_zpsie7vwyyu.png

 photo asc246_zpsk99kcddy.png

 photo asc247_zps1gxiqjbt.png

 photo asc248_zpsw1unyt6e.png

 photo asc249_zpsuxkorsgf.png

 photo asc250_zpssfdqfic1.png

 photo asc251_zpspjny3nvd.png

 photo asc252_zpsvy9ephxs.png

 photo asc253_zpsdybfeqqi.png

 photo asc254_zpsq0dcgaad.png

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  1. No way is Andromeda going to come out in 2016, I bet it'll get delayed.
    And yeah, it's now 4 years after ME3 came out and I still have 0 understanding of the Reapers' actual plan.