Friday, December 25, 2015

Cronos Station: The Most Sacred Of Tales

Merry 25th of December, MSPals! There is a spoiler at the end of this entry, I didn't take it out.

 photo asc230_zpsgchv00mi.png

 photo asc231_zpsvruj4zcp.png

Remember, of course, how Kai Leng prefers to throw shade.

 photo asc232_zpsk4klk4zj.png

 photo asc233_zpsuzp5ejid.png

 photo asc234_zpsaaurm4yd.png

 photo asc235_zpsuoukamfv.png

 photo asc236_zpsap2bp6s6.png

... you guys, that was the first joke I ever wrote for MSPixel!

And thus, we're launched into our final Kai Leng battle. It's pretty cool, when he novas, he shatters the floor.

 photo asc237_zpsbjpbceqy.png

Garrus' long range is extra helpful here, he totally got MVP of this fight.

 photo asc238_zpsotx0ln53.png

Shepard, she takes care of things in the usual way.

 photo asc239_zps51xyeula.png

... but let's be real, there's only one thing you showed up for today.

 photo asc217_zpswbveyfwu.png

 photo asc219_zpsoxobya54.png

 photo asc218_zps7fspbvdm.png

 photo asc220_zpsdiv6x5nr.png

 photo asc221_zps383fa2lr.png

 photo asc222_zpshcpjbh6g.png

 photo asc223_zpsm1kojyy9.png

 photo asc224_zpsqoxscxae.png

 photo asc225_zpseg1lodpf.png

 photo asc226_zpshjsv1fdj.png

 photo asc227_zpsyqwimoab.png

 photo asc228_zpsia2xalx9.png

 photo asc229_zpsusypsooo.png

Warm holiday greetings to you and yours.

And not Kai Leng, because he's fucking dead.

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