Friday, January 15, 2016

A Favor, MSPals

Follow me on a journey.

When I was doing Mass Effect 2, any time a story began on the Normandy, I was able to do these little introductory comics of just general quality-of-life stories on the Normandy.

Now Mass Effect 3, that game mostly takes place off the Normandy, so I didn't get to do them as much.

But I miss them! Since we just completed Cronos Station, would you all ... would you all be cool if I just took an entry and played on the Normandy for a bit? It might be my last chance.

Honestly, there's much more Mass Effect after this, muuuuuuuuuuuuch more, but you do understand what's next, right?

Anyway, let's go.

 photo las1_zpsrefnnmlc.png

 photo las2_zpsdl1ebkm8.png

I thought this was where the sex scene was, true story. I still think this would be a better place for some Bioware brand bangin.

 photo las3_zpsovuyrlff.png

 photo las4_zpstqwm09j8.png

 photo las11_zpsfb2ot1oy.png

 photo las12_zpsljujwaqe.png

 photo las13_zpshqnlboim.png

"How to draw a scuba mask on a Prothean," and other problems that the Bioware art team doesn't have to solve but I do.

 photo las14_zpspfemiqwb.png

 photo las5_zpsdvomnuxu.png

Oh man, remember in Mass Effect 2 when Joker would watch porn in the cock pit? Good times.

Not drawing porn! I mean, I draw Mass Effect all the time and that's basically porn, but still!

 photo las6_zpsrpnfehlh.png

 photo las7_zpsicpcj9ir.png

 photo las8_zpsmhrxxipd.png

 photo las9_zps5pfm0kxv.png

Enjoy that censor bar.

oh my god the face on chawkwas

 photo las10_zpsz7y3ah95.png

 photo las15_zps7fgx7vlk.png

In certain conditions, you can get a scene where the dudes of the Normandy gather to play poker. I didn't get them, but enjoy this anyway.

 photo las16_zpsjy0y8n8w.png

It's also possible that I don't know anything at all about poker.

 photo las17_zpsqtcw8mnr.png

 photo las18_zps3vouq4lt.png

 photo las19_zpsxrdlrgj6.png

 photo las20_zpswdtambs9.png

... something about Mass Effect universe characters sittin and chillin with a little X Files.

NEXT TIME: it begins

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