Friday, January 29, 2016

Hackett, Take Us Away!

HNNNNG photobucket like super broke this morning

Imgur has apparently stopped running weird compression on all my images but it's still a pain in my ass so I'm still mad.

Luckily we're working with the ending to Mass Effect 3, so I'm going to be in a great mood in like ten minutes.

Hackett rolls on board the Normandy and gives a speech. ... weren't these the domain of Shepard back in the day?

Hackett and Shepard make their way down the hall, Adam Sorkin style.

I actually had to google them. They're giant reaper shaped cannons. But the game doesn't say anything about that, it just drops that little nugget in there like, "yep, you read the codex, Hades cannons."

I'm going to yell about mass effects between now and the end of the game and you're going to accept it. These are two states of being.

The fun thing about the ending to Mass Effect 3 is that anything you can imagine is better than what actually happened.

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