Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cronos Station: The Colors!

Let's keep going with Brother TIM.

 photo asc165_zpsojd5tk08.png

Eeeeven though you're going to yak at us the entire entry.

Alternative smartass answer:

 photo asc166_zpsda40efhu.png

 photo asc167_zpsdbldfyqv.png

 photo asc168_zpsuxaf7lca.png

 photo asc169_zpshoqfulcd.png

It's super hard not to make Brother TIM into a strawman in this section, but honestly, everything he says is so damn stupid. (I like that I drew Shepard sitting for this section. It's like, yo, I'm not even gonna stand up for your dumb ass.)

Do you remember a thousand years ago when I told you that you HAD to pick the paragon/renegade option for TIM every time it comes up? Let's do that now.

 photo asc170_zpsyoau52ej.png

 photo asc171_zpsiddlvblx.png

 photo asc172_zpsyshhbst2.png

 photo asc173_zpsn6ehy9lv.png

 photo asc174_zps5101ozym.png

 photo asc175_zpsssftwunf.png

What? My hand slipped, I have no idea what that red text is about. Bad art. It's bad art, I tell you.

 photo asc176_zpsgrkfwr1e.png

 photo asc177_zpsv28jwmmt.png

 photo asc178_zpsruzwn9b1.png

 photo asc180_zpskt18ychu.png

 photo asc181_zpsqce2poq2.png

Yo, I'm not, because she's a fucking robot and doesn't understand things like "alliances?"

 photo asc182_zps9i8yzct6.png

Damn! Did my hand slip again? Sorry I'm bad at paint, guys, I just can't get the colors on the text under control.

 photo asc183_zpstypgcr61.png

This section doesn't divide nicely, we'll have to pick it up Friday.

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