Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cronos Station: It Means "Doesn't Go"

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I forgot how wordy the ending of Cronos Station is. You guys don't need to worry about me running out of material, I think the ending of Mass Effect will take me WELL past Andromeda. D:

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Actual file footage of the Citadel right now:

 photo par36_zps006bf3ca.png

"Bean, you jacked that image from your rendition of Paragon Lost." Yes, yes I did, because the Citadel also orbited Earth in that pile. I swear I remember some nerd getting mad and giving Very Many Science Reasons as to why the Citadel can't orbit Earth, but I kind of tuned out because I tend to do that when nerds get mad.

I mean, there might be a science reason, but it's fucking Mass Effect. Good news! Asari aren't real either! There's no such place as Ilos!

This would have been a hell of a place for a cut scene. The game still does the 'heads talking' thing (that's super easy to draw and basically makes MSPixel possible), but hell, we can pretend, can't we:

 photo asc208_zpszibpqaib.png

 photo asc209_zps304xz9ml.png

 photo asc210_zpsgmgz0z0x.png

 photo asc211_zpsaknljuqd.png

... who the fuck?

Give you three guesses, first two don't count.

 photo asc212_zps6hhtuwdr.png

bwahahaha kai leng winning the smash vote wouldn't the salt be real

still mad that my precious baby captain toad didn't get it

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 photo asc216_zpsg8tmve9m.png

Sadly, this section doesn't divide as evenly as I want it to, so you'll have to catch more next time. You know, on Friday.

I mean, hell, what could you possibly be doing on Friday?

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