Friday, November 20, 2015

Cronos Station: Deja Vu

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... Shepard, just take the damn help ... !

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Huh, well, okay.

This is just like last time, we're going to watch an entire console full of Cerberus home movies, it's just this time the subject is --

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(Actually, he's referring to a sidequest in ME1 that we should have done and didn't. There was a rogue VI on the Citadel.)

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 photo asc111_zpse0gbnvbj.png

I think we've been over this, but just in case, EDI is the rogue VI that tried to turn us into swiss cheese on Luna Base.

Let's watch the next video.

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My man.

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Um. Okay.

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it's coming

ps don't forget what's next week

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