Friday, November 6, 2015

A Very Good Attempt on Rolling Up Towards Cronos Station

Okay, so, like the title says, let's roll up toward Cronos Station.

 photo asc63_zpswbemc2uz.png

Shepard and crew land in a Cerberus hanger. This section does that super cool Mass Effect 3 thing that Bioware borrowed from Valve where they just dunk you from cut scene to the level and let you start shooting while Shepard and Cortez talk. Dang, I love it when that happens.

 photo asc64_zpsvcoldlyj.png

 photo asc64_zpsvcoldlyj.png

 photo asc64_zpsvcoldlyj.png

 photo asc64_zpsvcoldlyj.png

 photo asc64_zpsvcoldlyj.png

... okay, so. When I was replaying this section for MSPixel, I got this weird game bug. I think my controller battery ran out at a time it didn't like, and the xbox couldn't handle throwing up the "Please reconnect controller" message during a charge and Cortez's dialog. I locked up my machine hard. Something I didn't know is that the game drops an autosave right when Cortez lands -- luckily my game completed it without corrupting so that I didn't have to do five years of cut scenes over.

Second time's a charm, and we take care of everyone in the usual way. But fuck, we're still in this hangar. Does anyone have any idea how to --

 photo asc65_zpsexelmw7s.png

Okay, so that's a thing!

 photo asc66_zpsvo7jhfgf.png

 photo asc67_zpsw1emgr7k.png

True story, after surviving my xbox hard locking on me, I couldn't get Shepard around one of the fighter jets in the hangar to get her to a console. I don't think this was a glitch, I think this was my dumbass not seeing the invisible wall that the jet created.

So here's one I didn't know. If you spend your time walking into the side of a jet instead of helping EDI to a console:

 photo asc68_zpsyg6rqhph.png

But? But! There's no animation of Cerberus venting the hangar, no sound, Shepard doesn't fall over, they just pop the critical mission failure on the screen. It is so weird. Luckily, there's an autosave right when EDI asks for an active console, so I didn't have to go back and redo the fight again. With my luck I would have hard locked my xbox a second time.

So anyway, I actually managed to get to the console you guys, it was pretty cool.

 photo asc69_zps0z8san7w.png

 photo asc70_zpsofnxomsn.png

That's supposed to be a fighter jet coming out of the floor of the hangar. Good art.

 photo asc71_zpssgl9sci4.png

So anyway, we take care of this fight, like we do:

 photo asc72_zpsshzrcn6y.png

So here's something I noticed. After charge, you nova, right?

I feel like, for some reason, my nova animation wasn't going off.

 photo asc73_zpsi4krkibu.png

I think the power was firing, Shepard just stood there straight faced instead of punching the ground ... ?

This has to be all just stupid bad luck, the first time I played Cronos Station I remember it working fine.

 photo asc79_zpsukeacxez.png

Once every one's dead, we let EDI have another console.

As an AI, shouldn't she work over space wifi or some shit? Why would she need to enter anything manually?

 photo asc74_zpsl1pdgfwl.png

 photo asc75_zpsduvb9j1v.png

 photo asc76_zpskacypjj5.png

 photo asc77_zps7jkkv4cv.png

Uh, yo EDI, that was a wall.

 photo asc78_zpsdttrqp0o.png

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  1. I play on PC. I'm not a master race type, I just really need to have one thing that does everything I need, and it ain't console. Also, I kinda hate Microsoft.

    Point is, I got stuck on a thing in this section, failed the mission because I couldn't get around somehow, and I even found it weird that the mission just ends without any further ado. They can show Shep gasping for breath while falling out of orbit before crashing face first into a planet at a million mph, but this just gets a "YOU DIED" screen and a reload prompt.