Friday, November 13, 2015

Cronos Station: Quality Mass Effect Information

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Okay so hey I guess we're just going through the CHARRED REMAINS of Cronos Station today!

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By the way, good morning. We all woke up in a world today where Cloud Strife is in Smash Brothers and also that isn't shitty fanfiction, it's, like, super extra real.

But ey, let's watch that terminal. Brother Tim and a random Cerberus agent are talking.

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This is unironically my favorite thing about the Mass Effect series. Let me ask you this: who is the protagonist of the Mass Effect series?

Shepard, right? I mean, sure, the games are from her point of view, and I'm not sure Bioware expected that many people to read the books or comics. It takes a special kind of asshole with a special kind of shitty art blog to go through all of it.

So let this special kind of asshole put you up on something: Shepard isn't present for a huge chunk of the Mass Effect story. Think about it! Liara spent forever mucking around behind the scenes and getting to portions of the Mass Effect canon that Shepard had to read about on the wiki. Brother Tim, Saren and Anderson actually saw the First Contact War. Hell, if nothing else, Tali, Garrus, Wrex and Ashley were alive for two years that Shepard missed.

Everyone else's knowledge bucket is filled higher than Shepard. You could pretty easily rewrite the series to be from the point of view of Brother Tim, I think. As is, Shepard's the lady they wheel in when they need some punching done.

Anyway, that's why these scenes are so important. Shepard apparently doesn't really buy that she died. It's kind of weird that she didn't ask more questions in ME2, honestly.

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