Wednesday, October 28, 2015


If you're following me on Twitter (and you should be!), you know that I spent the last two weeks with my computer bricked. It's back! It's back! I can post!

The nitty gritties are a separate story. What say we wake up from this fugue state and --

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... oh hell, I didn't mean literally. This is still a Mass Effect blog, right?

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Hrm, it's that little kid we saw in Vancouver. Or Toronto? I'm so good at geography it hurts. Shepard chases after him.

As she does, she hears the voices of a bunch of dead characters.

 photo asc46_zpslj5utizh.png

 photo asc47_zpskyu8egnf.png

 photo asc48_zpsjdbsw5xa.png

 photo asc49_zps6zucnbqf.png

 photo asc50_zpsorxryhof.png

... Garrus, honey, you creepin?

 photo asc51_zpsixxqq6au.png

Jesus Christ this wake up scene is so weird. The other characters, Shepard wakes up in bed under the covers next to said character, as if they had fucked and then fallen asleep next to each other. In the Garrus scene, Shepard wakes up on top of the comforter in her underwear (which I spared you from, you're welcome,) and there's Garrus, just peepin away.

If I only knew the Garrus side of things I wouldn't actually know that this is the sex scene. You don't see them touch! Which might be okay, actually.

Samantha Traynor has the best wakeup scene.

 photo asc52_zpsuxhynopt.png

Samantha Traynor 11/10 Best Space Lesbian of the Year All Years.

Yo, speaking of space lesbians, let's go stare at the penis crucible.

 photo asc53_zps1ftonc7k.png

 photo asc54_zpsk1cmttiu.png

 photo asc55_zps9lawjngt.png

Gameplay wise, this means that EDI will be with us for Cronos Station, no matter what.

Speaking of, let's drive up to Cronos Station.

 photo asc56_zpsgpszruuy.png

 photo asc57_zpsbtq4audn.png

 photo asc58_zps3jvbzlfc.png

 photo asc59_zpstmuobycb.png


Joker is being 600% reasonable here, don't tell me he's not. Taking EDI into a Cerberus base is pretty fucking stupid.

Luckily, Shepard has a well reasoned response.

 photo asc60_zpsievxth4u.png

I'm starting to think Mass Effect 2 had the better writing, you guys.

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  1. Nah, Garrus is totally doing the Normandy. Turns out calibrating means something totally different then what we thought....