Sunday, September 27, 2015

Saturday Post: YOU GUYS! Amiibo Card Coolness

Okay, so Amiibo cards, right? I'm not that interested in Happy Home Designer, but I will show up any day of the week for bunnies. I'm'a need all them bunnies, tia.

Husbando~ kindly brought me some cards last night. I thought I might put them in my old Nintendo Power card album -- 

That's a thing, get jealous, but I don't think I've got enough space. So I was googling around for solutions last night when I found this: Nintendo will let you design your own card holder!

You guys. So rad. Here's mine:

See, and you open the top, and all your cards are inside!

Got Isabelle in my first pack, get jealous. No bunnies though!

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