Friday, September 11, 2015

Citadel: I Drew A Shirtless Turian

There's a headline for you.

 photo cdl475_zpsrm86vhtn.png

 photo cdl476_zpssuliya8u.png

 photo cdl477_zps3kthe0ot.png

That's the best shirtless turian I got. No one promised you good art.

True story, when I first got Tumblr, literally the only thing I could get to come up was Garrus Vakarian's dick. My friends would sit on their piles of food pictures and cat videos and look upon my piles of alien porn in astonishment. I used a stopwatch to time how long it took me to get to turian dicks when I started tumblr up. I was averaging around 90 seconds.

 photo cdl478_zps1m6fidyh.png

... did ANYONE else notice Javik just chilling in Shepard's bedroom the day after the party?

 photo cdl479_zps3mxmzsqc.png

Depending on stuff, you can get various messages from other squadmates who couldn't make it into the party. (Their flight got delayed, see.) I got some stuff from Mordin, let's check it out!

 photo cdl480_zpsxutrz4eb.png

... in the game this is an audio file, but see, we here at the MSPixel offices remain unencumbered by such things as "the ESRB," so enjoy this one fully rendered.

 photo cdl481_zpswwq8ojbh.png p>  photo cdl482_zps2gmqhqxp.png

Hi, everyone, Mordin shows porn to children, of course he does, because this is Mass Effect.

Other than that, it's a fairly normal morning here at Casa de Anderson.

 photo cdl483_zpszfo5lvyt.png

But sadly, all things must come to an end, and we find ourselves at the Citadel docks.

 photo cdl484_zpsxra6y4f6.png

 photo cdl485_zpst70k1ceo.png

 photo cdl486_zpsjwhnahq9.png

 photo cdl487_zpsle11sxvr.png

 photo cdl488_zpsgz9ioprt.png

 photo cdl489_zpstt9pchgd.png

 photo cdl490_zpszayeuho1.png

Isn't that a lovely ending? I sure could say something about the real ending, but maybe I'll just keep my mouth shut and instead invite us all back on the Sex Boat Normandy.

 photo cdl491_zpsnzjs4lok.png

... wait, wasn't someone very conspicuously missing from the party?

 photo cdl493_zpsett6l5ai.png

Chawkwas! I'm shocked we didn't have to mop her ass up during the whole ordeal.

 photo cdl494_zpshjd3vx3v.png

Was there anyone else?

 photo cdl495_zpsx9yq1ehk.png

... yeah, so, no one else. We good.


  1. Oh no, what a shame about Mordin's flight getting delayed! I hear Thane's going to give him a ride.