Saturday, September 19, 2015

SATURDAY POST: N7 Elite at DragonCon!

I was fortunate this year to see both the N7 Elite photoshoot AND the Big Bioware photoshoot. I thought I'd miss the latter! Anyway, I took as many individual photos as I could. Enjoy them!

Actually, let's start back at the parade. I always march Star Trek, but I snuck over to the N7 Elite area:

 photo 26B09C51-83BC-468A-97AC-19AE817366C6_zpsxrtqkjbq.jpg

 photo B37EB97C-60A4-4CAF-96D0-F8208B06D778_zpswiz93lhs.jpg

 photo 099C4125-3266-4FE7-AAA3-ABA7F722A2D7_zpsovcjjs3f.jpg

That is, if you were wondering, Marauder Shields.

Now, the photo shoot:

 photo EB0AF8E4-27DA-4280-995C-C1EE1F06E039_zpszpgd3upy.jpg

double garrus all the way across the sky

 photo 22763EB4-1BC3-4FC5-8393-ED174B71EF42_zpsv5t6m1io.jpg

Sailor Kasumi.

 photo 9146CC33-596E-478E-A1EA-67DD758F91BD_zpstcerkjnd.jpg

 photo 49A47088-234C-4FF3-B1D9-7088D8725F0E_zpsqdldzocd.jpg

 photo 2637BF77-6242-400A-84DC-E2FF329CC6DA_zpsr5ovinwx.jpg

A Cerberus cheerleader. I like that Mass Effect is old enough that we can start to see these jokes.

 photo E98CA9FA-C584-49D0-9A01-0453BBD3914D_zpsfalmm9yw.jpg

 photo A4A9F834-43C6-4B26-9F54-E73CB539D236_zpsdx7kuwtz.jpg

 photo 1FD83A3C-A57F-45A5-A6A7-6F29A56CFA5D_zps7me1k85s.jpg

 photo 736F63A5-8312-406A-817B-7BC7FE082922_zpsgdbink4b.jpg

 photo 1CD344AB-8786-448C-9D08-E61BBA497005_zpsoc6dqux1.jpg

This was my view during the big Bioware shoot. Hats.

 photo F175F4AE-B52C-4097-94E6-24F51FA77B7E_zpsdbvjomeq.jpg

 photo A224C3FA-2FC4-4546-8333-9CC3187570AB_zpsajzbs1mp.jpg

 photo DE68FC26-6DDE-4F89-A4E2-7D760BBF54C2_zpsakilwttt.jpg

 photo 36E44347-2420-40B5-8890-4A53CA0B2ADB_zpsmap4j4hy.jpg

No, really, that's General Victus. He says there's one other dude in Canada with a General Victus costume.

 photo A6ECC373-5617-44E8-A42D-411C89EDAA2B_zpsp5rfjtfq.jpg

This is the best shot I could get of Kalross. Hell yes there was a Kalross.

 photo 97193CB2-5C9E-4F9C-91C1-7FB533DA2AF5_zpswcslx1zq.jpg

 photo C3A2353B-93D4-44D7-BB69-8AA6F5592B1F_zps1kitlnst.jpg

 photo 3DE0CCBD-FEAD-458F-9A20-668A6A284AC8_zps0kvahsyx.jpg

See you next year, N7s! Especially since I already had to book my hotel room because DragonCon is too fucking big!

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