Friday, September 18, 2015

Mass Effect Foundations: Say WHO?

Y'all know how we do here at MSPixel headquarters: game, dlc, comic. Game, dlc, comic. Guess what it's time for!

Since I get to pick, I'm picking Foundations 1, released on July 24th, 2013. You can read more of the Foundations MSPixels here.

Foundations 1 doesn't actually start with a squad member. Instead, it starts on a mining colony, three years after the First Contact War.

 photo mef1_zpscj4zpk4c.png

I am not actually sure why there's a mining colony where little kids just, like grab rocks and move them around.

 photo mef2_zpsvoomfbaa.png

Meet the protagonist of our story. I'm not actually sure she has a name! They never mention it. But she sure does punch a lot. She asks the foreman about a mysterious figure named Roth before kicking his ass.

 photo mef3_zpspwpvvjpl.png

She takes the kid to a hospital and tells him to play sick.

 photo mef4_zpsdahiuaxm.png

While there, she shuffles through some files and picks up ... a box. It's full of ... I don't know, progressively tinier boxes. She then dresses up like a doctor.

 photo mef5_zps9w66s46t.png

I am super unsure about, say, the first third of this story. Like, okay, she's looking for a guy named Roth. So she asks the foreman. Cool. Then she takes this random ass kid, goes to a hospital, grabs a box full of question marks, and then asks ANOTHER guy where Roth lives? And he knows? Why didn't the story start right here, with her asking the guy where Roth was? If we still had to have the kid in tow, he could have just been, like, chilling with the guy. But she ditched the kid at the hospital. Holy hell this story could have used a second draft.

I mean, I know the answer, the answer is "they had twenty five pages to fill," but come on.

Anyway, she goes to Roth's place and encounters a guard.

 photo mef6_zpsq16khgls.png

 photo mef7_zpsnay3h6ui.png

 photo mef8_zpsnzl2qubu.png


Remember that this is before the events of ME1, even, so she means that big old Yahg dude, not Liara.

 photo mef9_zpsuet37phu.png

... wait, is this about the creation of Cerberus?

Either way, they start to beat each other up.

 photo mef10_zpspmlepco6.png

I have one "beat up" pose I can draw and by fuck I'm'a draw it.

 photo mef11_zpsl7aj51sn.png

 photo mef12_zpsbhlv1of4.png

Shit, looks like we're off to Earth again. Our mystery lady boards a space ship.

 photo mef13_zpslsbyjqpq.png

 photo mef14_zpsu1ac2f7a.png

 photo mef15_zpsnsnfxo8v.png

Oh fuck.

"Bean, this is all very well and good," you say, sighing at your monitor, or in some cases according to Google Analytics your android, "but why the hell are you telling us this story about two characters we don't know nor give a fuck about?"

Let us go to the last panels of the comic:

 photo mef16_zps9agafxzd.png

That little girl grew up to be Brooks, yo.

Brooks actually pops up in all the Foundations comics. I've written her out of all the other Foundation comics. See? Read here and see if you can tell where.

Hey, choice time for you, dear readers: would you prefer another comic on Wednesday, or purestrain Mass Effect? I know what I want, but I figured I'd leave it to you. Let me know in the comments.


  1. Another comic - just because we're so close to the end of ME3 and I don't want it to end!

  2. I agree, but I want to see how Bean styles the ending. And it won't end, since there are so many different endings and she'll have to color each of them differently. It will take the rest of her life.