Sunday, September 13, 2015


So it's on Sunday, let's fight.

Anyone else in to Mario Maker? I had to ground myself from it because I gave myself eye strain.

Still, want to play my levels?

Double Path Pass – 4171-0000-0026-9A43

The upper path is jumping, the lower path is enemies. You can choose which you like better, and there’s a few areas where you can switch, too. (Also a good level if you like playing as princesses, I used a lot of princesses.)

DIY Ditch Dig – 8B75-0000-002E-0A26

I’m really unfamiliar with NSMB, so after some fooling around, I made a level around the two things that I figured were special about that particular set.

Block Bust Burrough – B249-0000-002E-1BC5

Mostly I made this one to fuck with young kids who weren’t born in the 80s and never played 1-2. It should be cake if you know the trick. There’s a hidden 1 UP for old farts who need a challenge.

If you’ve made a Mario Maker level, send it to me! I want to play it. If I get enough, I really want to compile them into a blog post.

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