Friday, August 28, 2015

Citadel: Febreeze

Holy hell, sorry this posted late, but enjoy anyway.

 photo cdl452_zpsvwdjz8c2.png

 photo cdl453_zpsdwsh1duk.png

 photo cdl454_zps1isudfla.png

 photo cdl455_zpsoghneqwa.png

 photo cdl456_zpsnpjzu4zo.png

 photo cdl457_zpshadovqbf.png

 photo cdl458_zpsbrqfayjs.png

 photo cdl459_zpscjqzvp5i.png

 photo cdl460_zpsc9jlbx0p.png

 photo cdl461_zpsnjej01qr.png

 photo cdl462_zpsmqqzhqrx.png

 photo cdl463_zpsdicsuu4z.png

 photo cdl464_zpsh1apbd2t.png

 photo cdl465_zpsmx5l1vlr.png

 photo cdl466_zpsawt29uvp.png

 photo cdl467_zpsxi4vtxxq.png

 photo cdl468_zpsjdeln1ky.png

 photo cdl469_zps7tudhcgj.png

 photo cdl470_zps16otosik.png

 photo cdl471_zpsiyhjxytq.png

 photo cdl472_zpsycrnb9rf.png

 photo cdl473_zpsjk3yotka.png

 photo cdl474_zpsfs8gm7if.png


  1. What a lively version of that party, panic!Shep totally makes sense :D

    (Just wanted to thank you again for the whole thing, I read every post, always funny)

  2. Weird, I just bought a big ol' bottle of extra strength febreze today.

  3. Whelp, wasn't expecting the feels in that last pannel. Could use a Mario Party myself, now.

  4. Is "Mario Party" code for vodka cognac? Cuz . . . no reason.