Friday, June 12, 2015

Citadel: Holy Crap, Are We Actually Done!?

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Last time, on MSPixel:

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Yes, yes, of course, the implication is that Shepard is rad because she has rad friends, whereas all Clone Shepard has is Brooks, and Brooks sucks.

I'd like to extrapolate this out to a bigger metaphor: Bioware is rad not because they made Shepard, but because they made a whole incredible Mass Effect cast.

Either way, Garrus pulls Shepard up.

 photo cdl266_zpsskhllpp0.png

Enh, you can opt to leave her dangle, but what the hell.

 photo cdl267_zpsir7gv4vh.png

 photo cdl268_zps8vtes6ub.png

 photo cdl269_zpsw5x9gcnq.png

 photo cdl270_zpsw1ib1i5s.png

Holy hell, I guess that's one way to take care of Clone Shepard!

Back in the cargo bay of the Normandy, we tie up some loose ends.

 photo cdl271_zpslwrkhu1o.png

I don't even know what this is. "Oh yeah, I mean, you waged a full scale battle down here for at least a half hour, but naw, stuff's just a little dusty."

 photo cdl272_zpso1gos6wn.png

Surprise, Brooks is going to jail.

 photo cdl273_zps7gzof7ss.png

 photo cdl274_zpskpk2v3kv.png

 photo cdl275_zpsk3ym5c02.png

 photo cdl276_zpsddf7rvc6.png

 photo cdl277_zps3xhzy22b.png

And such, the plot of the Citadel DLC comes to a close. There's still --


Okay, you know what? Something always bothered me about the end of this story.

Shepard died, and then her body survived reentry and planet fall. Then she was resurrected! Given all that, why do we assume that Clone Shepard died? She was a clone, right? She should be made of the same stuff.

If nothing else, surely she survived a drop of a few miles.

 photo cdl43_zps4tzwjwte.png

 photo cdl278_zps7gaykqdm.png

 photo cdl279_zpsolwps9uu.png

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 photo cdl281_zpsl32dq4fg.png

 photo cdl282_zps6oqgrg0v.png

That's better.

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