Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Citadel: Fight! Fight!

This next section doesn't go nicely into one entry, so I'll have to divide it into two small entries.

Which, look here, this is my notcare face. You know why? Next week you get extra MSPixel, since I'll be drawing E3. Really! This is your reminder to follow @MSPixelBlog on Twitter so that you can see me livetweet E3 and hopefully tweet with me.

Okay, shutting up. Last we left Shepard, she was fighting her doppleganger.

 photo cdl248_zpszzkemnle.png


But naw, freals:

 photo cdl249_zpsjelq32h5.png

 photo cdl250_zps2bjgetqd.png

 photo cdl251_zpsypkd8abk.png

This is the part where I give you some sort of strategy, but I honestly don't have one. "Get lucky," I guess.

 photo cdl252_zpstgr63fnr.png

 photo cdl253_zpsbh2cvnyw.png

Okay, but what the hell is Plan B?

 photo cdl254_zpsxz3chl4l.png

Plan B is to ... fly a taxi cab in front of the Normandy.

Apparently it stops the Normandy from jumping to FTL. I don't get why, Clone Shep and crew are the bad guys, why should they care if they waste a cab?

So, who's driving the cab?

 photo cdl255_zpsc5wvh9g7.png

 photo cdl256_zpsxrstuwce.png

 photo cdl257_zpsh8wexqgp.png

 photo cdl258_zpsseszwfg2.png

naw that's cool just shoot all sort of buildings on the way all casual like

The pilot can't get to the cab with the Normandy's lasers, so they deploy one of the Normandy's shuttles to shoot the cab down.

 photo cdl259_zps06wrh0wc.png

But of course, this would cause Shepard and Clone Shepard to fall out.

 photo cdl260_zpsjirzdth2.png

 photo cdl261_zpsskqfim8e.png

I like this scene, where Shepard just beats the loving piss out of Clone Shepard.

Until -- !

 photo cdl262_zpspwcqbjnk.png


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    1. A shuttle-bay-door-hanger...?


  2. Holy shit, CloneShep gets renegade options too??