Monday, March 30, 2015

MSPixel Madness: Amiibo Tournament Round 1

So it's football season! I think! To be real frank with you, I hate sports.

Isn't there some sort of football tournament this weekend? Fuck that, you don't want to watch that. You'd much rather deal with an amiibo tournament.

I'm off on Spring Break, so I've got time to do all this. Here's how this is going to go down. I have eight amiibos. Our contestants are pictured here:

well gdi max OKAY HERE THEY ARE:

Each day, I'm going to let them practice a bit, and then wail on each other in eight player smash on a random stage. I'll give them points for their places every day to determine their seed. This weekend, we'll do a big tournament! With brackets and everything! It won't be nerdy at all!

Here's pictures from today's match up! The random stage today was the Super Mario World stage.

(PS, jfc I had no idea it was an act of fucking congress to get photos off the WiiU. I had to pull them off MiiVerse.)

 photo 6_zpsp5uld2c6.jpg

Zelda, watch out!

 photo 4_zpsbdatgobr.jpg

Looks like Kirby got an eyeful.

 photo 5_zpswg0qiyoh.jpg

This guy was on the cover of Pokemon Pearl but I can't remember his name.

 photo 3_zpszxtv8uxf.jpg

It kept getting dark like this because the amiibos kept fucking up their final smashes. It's pretty obvious I trained them.

 photo 2_zpsd5qjuv7x.jpg

They also found the hole pretty challenging. Rosalina lost her head.

Anyway, here's today's standings:

 photo 1_zpsco56qcmx.jpg

That's pretty much everyone's seed, too, since we'll have to wait until tomorrow's results to start doing points.

Anyway, see you tomorrow!

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