Friday, March 27, 2015

Citadel: Shepard's Perfect Solution

It's time to talk to all our squadmates, but they mostly say generic stuff. ("Wow, you sure did fall through a fish tank!")

Except maybe Vega.

 photo cdl85_zpszbcu04ep.png

"Hey Bean, why do you hate Vega?"

Anyway, let's go hang with Liara. Liara did all the hard work for us.

 photo cdl86_zpsg6v6ofzr.png

Did you ... did anyone catch this?

 photo cdl87_zpsrme0zzgt.png

 photo cdl88_zpsyr5toux6.png

 photo cdl89_zpsnpteo2qj.png

 photo cdl90_zpsqwwlvvso.png

 photo cdl91_zpsvfuauqe8.png

 photo cdl92_zpsjbdyfq0s.png

 photo cdl93_zpsimx73wry.png

 photo cdl94_zpszc2pe6ez.png

Does the Inquisitor fuck everything that moves?

 photo cdl95_zpsfvi3c9pa.png

Liara et all discuss the layout of the casino. It's mostly technobabble, you're not missing too much here.

 photo cdl96_zpsuqxqxm2o.png

 photo cdl97_zpslcccysnf.png

 photo cdl98_zps7yly73qi.png

(I'm not even sure why they ask EDI. If Tali's out because of tech ... I mean ... come the fuck on.)

 photo cdl99_zpswqnemwse.png

 photo cdl100_zpsy5kw9sz7.png

I hate cutting here, because this is a little short, but this section doesn't divide as nicely. Obviously Bioware should be more considerate of MSPixel.

Either way, NEXT TIME: gibson hacking


  1. "Does the Inquisitor fuck everything that moves?"

  2. Grim is . . . not wrong. The Inquisitor does not sex EVERYthing . . . but you do have the option of trying.

  3. Oh Bean. I can't believe you missed the fat joke in there... (you know, Shep can't do the crawling because she's too fat to fit in the shaft...) I was waiting for it. :(