Friday, March 13, 2015

Citadel: Mr. Biscuits

Last we left Shep and pals, we were all at the used car lot, about to be rescued.

 photo cdl66_zpsx0fpxdr0.png

Which is totally going to happen, by the way, Shepard's going to 100% get rescued.

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So anyway this is going on:

 photo cdl68_zpsj2we7mwq.png


One complaint about Mass Effect 3: people were sad that certain characters were missing from the playable roster. Mass Effect has a bazillion great characters anyway that Mass Effect 3 makes every effort to kill off, so it was kind of surprising to see so few playable home boys. Especially since there were so many playable characters in Mass Effect 2!

 photo cdl69_zpsv5nyieuy.png

There was, however, one particular character that people missed more than the others.

Try and guess before scrolling down.

 photo cdl70_zpsetwtcvna.png

 photo cdl71_zpstg1hidrx.png

Yeah, naw, that happens, Wrex drops out of the fucking sky and starts punking bitches.

 photo cdl72_zps3grrv2ie.png

 photo cdl73_zpsg2c8qrhp.png

 photo cdl74_zpsqhihujqj.png

Thankfully, Joker and Brooks roll by to pick Shep et all up.

 photo cdl76_zpsmwtcehga.png

 photo cdl77_zpsz1nmsiwc.png

Anyway, let's reconvene in Anderson's apartment.

 photo cdl78_zpsiqmzyqgk.png

 photo cdl79_zpseo0nc4ed.png

 photo cdl80_zps5njqjpe4.png

 photo cdl81_zpslog6vouy.png


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Glyph is, of course, Liara's droid, if you've forgotten.

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