Friday, March 6, 2015

Citadel: A Set Of Crude Bolas

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Now it's time for us to ... hmm. You know, I'm actually not sure. Stumble around and see where the hell we are, I guess. This is a totally new part of the Citadel that we've landed on.


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Along the way, Shepard finds a pistol with a silencer that she's supposed to use to take out bad guys undetected while she sneaks her way to the used car lot.

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And if you actually believe that, I have some lovely ocean front property on Tuchanka to sell you.

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One of the complaints levied against Mass Effect is that the squad banter in Dragon Age is better, so Bioware has the technology just, you know, lying around. Like I said, I haven't played too much of Dragon Age, so I can't speak too much to that one. But, Bioware kindly upped the amount of squad banter in Citadel for us.

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So I've been told, the squad banter changes between you and your love interest also changes in Dragon Age, so Bioware threw it in for us here, kindly.

If your main squeeze is Anders, doesn't he say "of course, my love!" every time you give him a direction in battle? That sumbitch weirds me out.

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The first caller is always your love interest, and if you don't have one, it'll be Liara. I have no idea what determines Caller Number 2, and Google tells me nothing. It's probably the squadmate you use the most.

Let's roll up on that car lot.

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Another complaint against Mass Effect, and one we'll probably visit a few times as Citadel goes on, was that there wasn't enough interaction between Shepard and her love interest.

But ... this line? This line.

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Besides ... champ, those are her dress blues. She wears those every day. That's weird. You're weird.

The only nice thing I can say is that the girls will also perv on Shepard.

That's the nicest thing I have to say. "The girls are also fucking perverts." Mass Effect is the horniest fucking game there is.

Shepard and Garrus need a door opened to the rest of the car lot, and a volus hiding behind some glass (presumably the owner) can open it for them.

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  1. Dragon Age does have better/more banter and it gives the game higher replay value. Of course the DAI banter was glitched until February soo... not yay.

  2. Yes, the second squad member is the one you use most often in battle. I also loved the 'nice outfit' scene as for me? Kaidan was complimenting Shepard's hoodie (I think you're meant to be wearing the dress in that scene).